Brazen: "Bold and without shame"

"Boudoir isn't about how you look, it's about how you feel!"

This definition was the idea behind me opening my boudoir studio. I truly believe every woman is beautiful, unique, and capable of anything, and I am so tired of society trying to tell them anything different! In a world where social media is constantly in our face, we start to compare ourselves to unrealistic standards of beauty that we see and start to forget how incredible unique and gorgeous our own bodies are. I love being able to snap women back to reality and show them why they are one of a kind! As someone who really struggled to feel that way about herself for many years, I want women to leave their session feeling sexy but also empowered. You are so deserving of love, especially from yourself! 


the experience


A boudoir experience is an opportunity to invest in yourself and how you feel, and honestly it's hard to put a price on that! Celebrate this moment if your life with photos that will last a lifetime!

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"I can not tell you how much fun I had doing this photoshoot! It was a last minute anniversary gift, and Casey squeezed me in and got my edits back to me SO fast! I think I even had several by that evening! 

It should be noted what a TERRIBLE model I am! But Casey was incredibly patient as I did the exact opposite of everything she told me to do.. LOL.. and made me feel like a rock star the whole time. Made me look amazing. Pure witchcraft! Thanks Casey!! 

Please ladies and gents... call on Brazen Boudoir!"

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I'm so excited that you are ready to unleash your inner Goddess! This is an opportunity to prioritize yourself and feel confident, sexy, and powerful in the process! I am here to answer all of your questions and support you in every step! 

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Take the leap! Whether you have something to celebrate, or something to heal and move forward from, boudoir is a beautiful opportunity which allows you to really get back into your body and celebrate yourself.
This experience can truly change your life!